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Kansas 4-H - Parenting Through a Pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
Becky cowley county
what app works the best in general for elementary teachers/students for communication/assignments? seesaw, Dojo, google classroom?
Becky cowley county
last year each teacher had a different one they used and as a parent with 5 kids and 3 daycare kids online last spring I could not keep up so I was hoping for guidance for which one to ask the school to use.
Leah McKeeman - Manhattan, KS
A lot depends on personal preference and comfort. Seesaw is great, but others can work really well too. I don’t think there is a best.
Leah McKeeman - Manhattan, KS
I think advocating for consistency makes a lot of sense.
Becky cowley county
thank you
Leah McKeeman - Manhattan, KS
Cindy Shuman - Manhattan
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Becky cowley county
my kids got on zoom early and would chat before the classroom zoom meetings each week. some of the teachers allowed it and some disnt
Becky cowley county
great suggestion! thank you.
Becky cowley county
with a choice board it has to be clarified wether the choice board is optional or required assignments. We had that issue last spring as well.
Becky cowley county
one teacher required choice board assignments and another they were optional.
Leah McKeeman - Manhattan, KS
Good point Becky. Asking for clarity on requirements and expectations is very important.
Becky cowley county
My kids doubled up on 4-H projects and show and tell as well as subject overlap for choice boards and hands on assignments. it worked great and the kids got projects done quicker this last year.
Jill & Gary, rural Dickinson County
thank you!
Becky cowley county
I listen in to make sure the kids are staying on track and sometimes it is the only way I know what the kids are supposed to be doing. Communication is a challenge for our teachers at times. sorry for all the questions and comments. thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Stacy Haug
Hahaha....I come up with the best questions after the fact! Thank you for so much great information tonight! It's been a bit challenging schooling online this semester (I have a 7th grader & a 4th grader)...lots of frustrating moments.🙄😐 The struggle is definitely real...lol. But, I actually feel much better after this...lots of great tips! Thank you all for the helpful information!
Thank you for all of these ideas and information.
Shawna Riffel-Abilene
Thank you for the tips!