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Department of Architecture Town Hall Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Timothy de Noble
Greetings all!
Matt Knox
Hi Everyone!
Haley Massey
i cant see the poll
R Gabbard
Hi, all - if you have any questions as we move along please type them here
Katie Kingery-Page
On the note of being open, as Prof. Knox said…Office of Student & Academic Services is working out a rotation of in-office and remote staff. Your advisor will let you know how they are taking appointments. The Office WILL be open as usual during business hours. We will be ready to assist you.
DJ Plankinton
We're also in the process of putting together a large scale 3D printer with a 2'x4' bed size
Braydn Voorhees
Has the department considered the shortage of cleaning supplies in the Manhattan area? It might be a good idea to stock up on supplies before the semester begins.
Timothy de Noble
The Office of the Dean will also be staffed during regular office hours.
Katie Kingery-Page
Braydn, The College has placed some bulk orders for sanitation supplies. More will also be supplied by custodians for special cleaning of classrooms.
Becca Pedrosa
will students be able to know each studio professor’s individual safety precautions/requirements for their class before we preference or will it be the same for each professor?
Donovan Douglas
How will physical models be handled? Are they just encouraged but not required? Or will it be up to the professors' judgement?
R Gabbard
Safety precautions will be the same for everyone.
R Gabbard
Most studio professors are going to take a hybrid approach - some in-person, some online.
Stacey Chard
Tuition bills should be available by July 24th
R Gabbard
It is likely that you will create physical models. Grading procedures for the models will be related to COVID precautions - likely professors will let them sit for 3 days before handling them.
Autumn Kayl
Summer Studio students were charged APDesgin Fees even though we did not have any of the facilities available. Will this be refunded to those who took summer studio?
Carly Temming
How soon will we know if a course will be online-exclusive? Especially studio?Can we have a poll of how many people have already decided to return to campus, decided not to, or are undecided?For students who couldn’t attend today, how can they access the recording for this meeting?
Austin Willis
Will there be any studio professors doing online only? If so, will we know that on preferencing so we can decide if we want that class or if we don't want that class?
How many days will professor be furloughed per year?
Brennan Filby
Can I work remotely from where I am from that I do not have to go to campus or be on campus at all and still be an architecture student?
Timothy de Noble
Furlough are tiered relative to salary. As noted, furloughs are not allowed to impact classes
Austin Willis
Are the professors allowed to tell us what days they are furloughed so we know ahead of time?
R Gabbard
Brennan, you have the option to attend classes 100% remotely.
R Gabbard
Austin, your professors will tell you when they are unavailable. The schedule will vary from person to person, so you will want to check in.
How likely is study abroad in the spring?
Will the Union Store be open?
Evan d
Will internships still function relatively normally?
Katie Kingery-Page
Questions on wanting to be al remote: If you would like all of your classes to be online, please contact your academic advisor. They will help you coordinate with professors. If all classes are in APDesign, this may be pretty simple. If not, your advisor will refer you to a Student Life process.
Kylee Mernagh
If we move completely online is there a plan to reduce the college/technology fees? Will students who choose to stay home still be required to pay these fees?
Donovan Douglas
Are spring internships also being decided in September?
R Gabbard
The Union will open on August 3.
Alexandra Mesias
How has total enrollment in APDesign been affected? Do you know the numbers?
Hudson Parris
Will the library be open?
Will this begin to open up more online courses for classes that would otherwise be on campus for future semesters?
R Gabbard
Alexandra, our enrollment has not been affected much at all. We are anticipating over 190 students to start in ENVD this fall, which is pretty consistent with previous years.
Evan d
Will the library still be able to hire as they accepted applications in the Spring?
Alexandra Mesias
Any idea when we will find out about TA positions?
Maxine Ganske
Yes, Weigel will be open, there will be some changes just like with everything else. Stay tune...
Autumn Kayl
Summer Studio students were charged APDesgin Fees even though we did not have any of the facilities available. Will this be refunded to those who took summer studio?
Bailey Fagen
Will Spring courses be offered online as well?
So you can not preface if you want an in-person studio?
Anne Criddle
will this meeting or PowerPoint be available to students who were not able to make it at this time?
R Gabbard
Anne, we are recording the meeting and will post it.
Can you ask for a face-to-face professor?
R Gabbard
Everyone on campus will need to follow K-State COVID guidelines, including when and where to wear masks. See here: https://www.k-state.edu/covid-19/guidance/health/face-covering.html
R Gabbard
Susan, most all studio professors are planning on a hybrid approach, some in-person and some online. Because of how our studios and crit rooms work, it is difficult for studios to meet as a whole in person right now.
Carly Temming
Can we have a poll to estimate how many students have already decided to return to campus, decided not to, or are undecided?
R Gabbard
Carly, the college sent out a survey asking this - check your email if you haven't responded.
Austin Willis
Will we be able to utilize the large monitors in the crit spaces for one on one meetings with our professors or will it be pin up only?
R Gabbard
Austin, the scenario you describe is one of the workable solutions for individual sessions.
will the computer lab be available
Katie Kingery-Page
Carly, we have the results of that APDesign survey. About 28 students think they won’t wish to work in our building. Advisors will be reaching out to those students to confirm their plans. If you would like to express a preference to work remotely, but didn’t respond to the survey, please contact your academic advisor.
Are there any plans for what a lab might look like for a class such as structures?
Baylee Beatty
If we go back online, will physical models still be required?
R Gabbard
JoBeth, Jonathan is planning to hold live lab sessions for structures in studio this semester.
Lucas Moreira
hello, can you talk a little more about international students that decided to stay at their home country please
R Gabbard
Baylee, studio requirements vary by year level and are based on the learning requirements of that year. Models have been an important part of studio for a long time. I would recommend assuming you will be building some models, but talk to your professor when you are assigned a section.
Katie Kingery-Page
Lucas, any student who has decided to stay home but continue studies should contact their academic advisor asap. APDesign is doing all we can to accommodate these students.
R Gabbard
Hi, Lucas, We intend to support anyone who wants to take classes this semester remotely. Studio courses will be held during regular studio hours, so make sure you are available to zoom in then. You will have the same access to your faculty as anyone else. Seminars will probably meet during their regular times, and most required courses will, too. So pay attention to your schedule, and make sure to contact your professors before school starts so they are aware of your status.
R Gabbard
Madi, the computer lab will be available, though will probably not have as many workstations as before.
Kylee Mernagh
Can someone before we leave explain the fee for summer studio and if that will be refunded?
Timothy de Noble
Thank you all, Stay safe and healthy....and smart!
Lucas Moreira
Evan d
I'm currently following social distancing and mask guidlines daily at a middle school camp. We can get used to it eventually and its totally worth it to be with people again.
Will second years need to get their computers early?
R Gabbard
Susan, we do recommend 2nd years get their computers early. At the very least they will need sufficient technology to participate in online learning.
Baylee Beatty
What will be the precautions taken if someone working in Seaton tests positive for COVID-19?
Katie Kingery-Page
Baylee, that individual would need to report their illness to Lafene and quarantine until 14 days virus free.
R Gabbard
Baylee, I don't know the answer to that question. Ideally the infected person will inform us and then we can figure out who else might be at risk.
when will we need to notify if we want a desk in seaton or not
Callie Earney
Will tuition be reduced for students who choose to go exclusively online?
Jacob Bandy
Could IT look into installing Mersive Solstice App or something similar on the big screens in crit rooms? They had this at the college I transferred from and it is amazing for casting from laptops, tablets, and PCs wirelessly. To share pdfs etc.
Katie Kingery-Page
Madi, we know there is much to think about. We will assume you want a desk unless we hear from you. Please notify us asap.
Katie Kingery-Page
Even though none of us would wish for this worldwide situation, designers have a unique role to play in survival and recovery. Looking forward to all of you continuing your education!
R Gabbard
Madi, the sooner we know the better but we can adjust up til the beginning of class if necessary.
R Gabbard
Jacob, we will pass your suggestion along.
Timothy de Noble
Callie, we do not know yet
R Gabbard
Callie, we don't know what the university will do in terms of tuition yet.