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Kansas 4-H - Parenting Through a Pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
Becky, Cowley County
suggestions to get more people involved and finding leaders for the projects we as parents don’t know about?
christina pawnee co
my kids had more opportunities with online zoom like Stem Lab, and Mars learning and the computer science coding. they were great programs my kids would not had in rural Kansas. thanks for reaching out. I hope these continue so my kids can still learn outside normal projects in our area.
Amber Pracht
My oldest has tried more on her own this year, which is developmentally & age appropriate (13). So she sewed a dress and baked bread more or less by herself this year. And she took up cross stitch. She hasn't had time to do these before or a catalyst to really try it by herself. This is something that has changed this year.
Becky, Cowley County
thank you! 👍
Amber, CKD
Showing rabbits!
Becky, Cowley County
it is hard to keep ripple involved and find new interesting activities when I have led a project for 12 years. where do we go to find new ideas to make the project fun
Becky, Cowley County
people not ripple
Stacy Haug
One of my biggest challenges during this pandemic has been finding ways to just keep the kids motivated while we've been stuck at home so much. These sessions - this one & the one this past Monday - have been really helpful in giving tips and ideas. Really glad you're doing these! It's helping me find new motivation to help motivate them...lol!
Shane Potter - 4-H - Manhattan
Here is one of the sites I like - https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/4hdairyjudgingvideos/
Stacy Haug
It's good to know that the 4-H Leader is human, too...makes me feel better!! LOL
Amber, CKD
Thank you!
Becky, Cowley County
thank you